Honey Bee Control

Honey Bee Control in Dombivali


If a property owner suspects that a honey bee colony has entered the wall of a structure, he/she should take immediate action. Honey bees may establish a nest inside the wall of the house or building causing a problem to health and a serious danger to the structure.

Honey bee colonies in wall or attic voids are a much more serious problem than yellow jacket wasps. Yellow jacket colonies are annual and the wasps will disappear in the winter with or without treatment. Honey bee nests may last for many years without treatment and will contain honey stored inside the walls. The honey can ruin walls and ceilings if it is not removed.

We are professionals when it comes to identifying the situation. With rising concerns of the killer bee more people are now looking to control their bee problems rather than avoiding them. Unlike other pest control companies who only kill the bees but don’t fully solve the problem. We find the hive, remove the bees, remove the hive and prevent future infestations of the area. Our bee control technicians are fully trained and are professionals when it comes to dealing with bees.

Please do not attempt to remove bees or bee hives without the proper equipment. Please give us a call.

Pests are detrimental to the health of population and hence their control is of utmost important. Effective pest control can only be obtained when the type of infestation is identified clearly and the remedial measures are designed accordingly. However, the remedies use for the pest control should not create any health hazards for the people.