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Wood Borer Pest Control in Dombivali


Powder post beetles, popularly known as “Wood Borer” mainly belong to three families of beetles. These families are:

  • Lyctidae
  • Bostrichidae
  • Anobidae
  • These pests with wood boring habits are viewed seriously considering their ability to reduce timber and wooden articles to mass of splinters and dust. Powder Post Beetles are 2 to 7 mm long and light brown to almost black in colour.

    Life Cycle Of Beetled

    The life cycle of the beetled begin when the eggs are laid into the pores and cracks on wood and wooden articles. They hatch out, releasing tiny larve that bore into the wood through the bottom of the egg. The larvae live there for years feeding on the wood creating a network of intricate internal tunnel throughout the timber. Unlike termites who attack timber for cellulose, powder post beetle attack timber for high content of starch in it. The powder of frass found in the tunnels is nothing but excreta of these beetles and undigested cellulose of the wood. The adults emerge out by making tiny pin-head sized holes, commonly known as shot holes or flight holes. The adults live for about 8-10 weeks.

    Usually pairing takes place immediately after emergence of adults and eggs are laid. The entire cycle takes 6 months upto a year or even upto 5 years, depending upon the species and environmental factors. New infestation takes place by migration of adults to settle down in new places. The peculiarity of this pest is that their infestation remains hidden for a long time without giving any indication of its presence in the wooden articles. It is usually noticed after completion of at least one generation when adults start emerging out through shot holes and powder star falling from them.

    Control Method:

    The infested wood structure will be emptied out & the tiny holes created by wood borer will be injected with oil based chemical & thereafter all wooden structure will be sprayed thoroughly with oil based chemical Treated area should not be used before 4-5 hours. It should be kept closed. Our Technicians have instructions not to handle owner’s property. Hence shifting or emptying of the furniture should be handled by your representative.

    Pests are detrimental to the health of population and hence their control is of utmost important. Effective pest control can only be obtained when the type of infestation is identified clearly and the remedial measures are designed accordingly. However, the remedies use for the pest control should not create any health hazards for the people.